GET FIT Roti - Low Carb Roti. High Antioxidant.
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GET FIT Roti - LowCarb | Organic | High Antioxidant | Non GMO | Superfood Flavors.

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GET FIT Roti is low carb, high antioxidant, nutrient-dense organic roti and it's tasty! Our rotis are hand-made using a carefully sourced blend of organic almond, flax, amaranth and ancient lineage wheat. Our rotis capture polyphenol antioxidants from turmeric, pepper, spinach to boost your immunity and protect you from chronic diseases. They are tastier and much more nutritious than any wheat or whole wheat roti.

Each pack of 32 rotis contains three flavors - Turmeric-Black Pepper, Spinach-Toasted Cumin and Classic. They are designed to work together to significantly enhance your metabolic health. Learn more...

Enjoy GET FIT Roti with curry and lentils or create healthy wraps, tacos, pizza crust, quiche... recipes to get you started.

  • 100% natural
  • Zero preservatives
  • Zero additives
  • No inflammatory added cellulose, soy or oat fiber
  • 100% plant-based
  • Hand crafted
  • Low glycemic
  • Low carb
  • High antioxidant
  • Low gluten
  • Nutrient dense (more protein, calcium, prebiotic natural fiber, vitamin E & Magnesium)

Heating & Storage: GET FIT Roti is precooked, ready to heat and eat. Keep refrigerated for freshness or freeze for extended shelf life. Reheat for 30 seconds on hot griddle or microwave. Do not overcook or roti will turn crisp.

Ingredients: Organic Non GMO Wheat, Almonds, Flax, Amaranth, Natural vegetable extracts, Mixed spices, Salt.


      10 Reasons to Switch to GET FIT Roti.Low Carb Roti  Low Carb Flat bread





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