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Research & Evidence

Peer reviewed research provides compelling scientific evidence and documents the health benefits of ingredients, macro and micro nutrients in our GET FIT(tm) roti and their positive impact on a) Increased Fat burn, b) Weight Reduction, c) Sustained weight loss, d) Reduction of heart disease risks, e) Reduced diabetes risk and f) Risk reduction of inflammatory diseases like Arthritis, Parkinson.

We ask you experience and judge the GET FIT Roti by listening to your body, experiencing how it makes you feel when you eat it, after you have eaten and measuring your health markers after a 30 -45 day period.

New England Journal of Medicine Vol 337 No. 21

GET FIT (tm)  Roti substitutes carbohydrates in wheat with natural Mono and Polyunsaturated fats (Good Fats)  found in seeds like ground Flax seeds, and tree nuts like Almonds and Walnuts. This subsitution has been shown to reduce heart disease risk on an average by 40% and as high as 60%

American Journal of Clinical Nutriton 2014 Sept.

GET FIT  (tm) Roti is powered by tasty spices e.g cumin and natural ingredients, like organic Spinach, to provide rich amount of Calcium and Magnesium. These key minerals boost energy, provide satiety, promote weight loss, are needed for effective insulin signaling and significnatly increase your bodies ability to fight diabetes naturally.

British Journal of Nutrition Vol 110 Issue 7

GET FIT (tm) Rotis provide Ketogenic Profile with less than 9g of Total Carb per roti and high Good fat. Keto food habit has been proven to promote long lasting weight loss and diabetic control. More recent research provides support for fighting cancer because of Ketogenic food increase loss of Magnesium. GET FIT roti ingredients are rich in Magnesium and spices promote higher bio absorption of these nutrients.

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