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GET FIT Roti’s "PURE Magic Sauce"

Packed with Pure Antioxidants.
Powered by Nuts and Spices.

Protects every cell in your body

Our rotis have 5X more antioxidants - the anti-rust for your body - packed with 12 essential minerals and vitamins including Magnesium - a mineral essential for you to effectively manage your blood sugar and insulin response.

1/2 the Carbs.
4X the Good Fats.

Promotes Sustainable Fat loss

Yes! Foods low in Carb and rich in Good Fats are the most effective proven method for healthy weight loss. Regular Rotis/tortillas (even whole wheat or multi-grain rotis) add over 100g of carbohydrate per day "..a primary trigger for worsening blood sugar and weight issues.” Each Get Fit roti has less than 9g of carbs (5g of Net Carb) and 2X the protein of a regular roti.

PURE. We keep it Clean.
ZERO preservatives, ZERO additives!

Reduces Belly Fat

Start eating CLEAN. Regular rotis are packed with synthetic food additives, cellulose fiber or soya additives and tons of preservatives that aggravate inflammation leading to Parkinson's, Diabetes, belly fat, compromised arterial health, gut and digestive health issues, not to mention the “cardboard” taste! GET FIT rotis are 100% NATURAL and TASTY

We use Good Fats. Found in nuts.
ZERO Cholesterol.

Protects your heart.

GET FIT rotis are nutrient-dense: With four times the heart-healthy fats that help raise your good cholesterol and twice the protein that helps build muscle and reduce food cravings. And zero unhealthy Omega-6 vegetable oils like - Soya, Vegetable or Palm.

Its a simple switch to GET Fit

Taste is important for you.

The taste of roti is irreplaceable. We bring that taste back into clean, healthy rotis. Once again you can enjoy the roti with your Dal, make tasty Keto wraps and Paleo tikka rolls without worrying about carbs or your health! Your favorite family meal is back on the menu!

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