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Our Story

When doctors recommended emergency triple bypass heart surgery to Ranjan 12 years ago, he chose to decline. Instead, he relentlessly researched low-inflammation, heart healthy, 100% natural, low carb, food, started mediation and yoga. Our family adopted it and benefited from it. In 2013 we biked across Tanglang La Pass (17,500ft) in the Himalayas. And Chandana reversed her pre-diabetes condition! Our personal journey to health proved to us that the right FOOD CAN BE MEDICINE.
But a meal without our beloved "roti" wasn’t really a meal for our Indian American family from California. So after much experimentation, we created the GET FIT Roti (and now GET FIT Tortillas) – a 100% All Natural, low-carb, low-inflammation, zero preservatives roti, we could all enjoy without compromising our healthy lifestyle!

When we shared our discovery with our friends in medicine, we were pleasantly surprised that they were very excited to see their science delivered in simple, delicious food. We are so grateful for their support and the great knowledge they have shared with us.
Now, we invite your family to experience the delicious food that started in our kitchen and brought our family to health!

Chandana & Ranjan,
Founders of Heart n Spice

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