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Personalized Integrative Nutrition - PIN Rx

PIN Rx is your personalized food prescription. We use the information, you share, to determine current state of your metabolism, gut biome, your genetics and Ayurveda phenotype.

PIN Rx's  AI based algorithm combines these biological and Ayurveda signals to determine how effectively your body responds to and processes sugar, fat, protein, alcohol, vitamins, fiber, minerals, caffeine and develops your unique nutritional report/s and profile.

 Now, for the first time, you will have an integrated view of your biology and what YOU should eat, recipes that delight YOUR, palette and biology, help boost energy, immunity, reduce disease risk while advancing your well being, mental acuity and longevity.

PIN Rx Report will 
    1. Analyze your blood metabolic markers and core  body metrics.
    2. Determine your Ayurveda Phenotype.
    3. Review your food habits and lifestyle
    4. Isolate and analyze 38 food and lifestyle related genetic markers (SNPs) (Additional)
    5. Explore and analyze bacterial ecosystem of your gut . (Additional)
Stay Informed. Stay Healthy!