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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I buy GET FIT Roti?

Online: You can buy 4 packs (32 roti) from our website. We ship within contiguous United States. We do not ship internationally.

In-store: If you want to buy individual packs (8 rotis) of GET FIT Roti, you can find us in a few exclusive stores around the Bay Area in CA. Want to see us in your store - contact us at eatwell@heartnspice.com or (650) 492-7080.

2. What's Subscribe & Save? How does it work?

Making a change to one simple food item that you consume regularly and choosing a healthier alternative can significantly alter key metrics for people struggling with metabolic syndrome, blood sugar issues, Triglyceride concerns, and weight loss struggles. GET FIT Roti is a healthier staple. Why not have it delivered fresh, at a 25% discount, to your door on the regular! Check out the details here or call us at (650) 492-7080 if you have questions.


1. How long until I receive my shipment after I order?

~ 3 - 5 business days depending on where you live. We only ship Monday thru Wednesday. We do not ship on Thursday, Friday, weekends, holidays - we want the roti to arrive fresh, it has zero preservatives.

2. Do you ship to non-contiguous U.S.?

We do ship outside contiguous U.S. However, shipping is not free. Contact us at eatwell@heartnspice.com or (650) 492-7080 for more information.

3. Do you ship internationally?

We don't ship or sell outside of the U.S. 

Ingredients & Nutrition

1. What are the ingredients in GET FIT Roti?

The basic ingredients are Organic Non GMO Wheat, Almonds, Flax, Amaranth, kosher salt. In addition, Spinach-Cumin roti contains Spinach and Cumin, Turmeric-Black Pepper roti contains fresh ground black pepper and organic turmeric, HeartBEET roti contains beet and cinnamon.

2. Are there any additives or preservatives in the roti?

GET FIT Roti is 100% natural. It does not contain any additives or preservatives.

3. Is GET FIT Roti gluten free?

GET FIT Roti is not a gluten free product, it is a low gluten product. It contains a small quantity of organic non-GMO wheat. It is not be suitable for anyone with a confirmed Celiac diagnosis.

4. Where can I find the nutrition label?

https://www.heartnspice.com/products/low-carb-roti - scroll down to see the label.


1. What is the best way to reheat GET FIT Roti?

GET FIT Roti contains natural oils from almond flour. If overly cooked, the roti turns crisp. Here are some ways to reheat it:

a) Microwave for 15 -40 seconds (depending on your microwave).

b) Cook it on a fully heated pan, flipping to both sides, for 20 seconds

c) Cook on a flame directly flipping to both sides (customers shared this method with us). This can make the edge a bit crisp and brown. If you do not enjoy that then do not use this method.

GET FIT Roti does not puff up. It stays flat on reheating.