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We are honored to be guided by a multi disciplinary team of experts from the fields of medicine, nutrition and business.


Rajesh Dash, MD, PhD.
Medical Director at Stanford South Asian Translational Heart Initiative (SSATHI), Assistant Professor Cardiovascular Medicine
Dr. Dash is focused on three main areas of clinical and translational research: - the prevention of cardiovascular disease in South Asians - understanding the genetic, inflammatory, and behavioral mechanisms that drive increased cardiovascular risk in South Asians - developing new imaging techniques to detect early signs of cardiac injury
Ronesh Sinha, MD
Medical Director, Employer Services at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Founder, Cultural Health Solutions
Dr Sinha is 2-time TEDx speaker and best-selling author of The South Asian Health Solution.
Cesar Molina, MD, FACC
El Camino Hospital. Medical Director, South Asian Heart Center. President, Heart & Vascular Associates
Mima Geere, MD. MS Nutrition
Mima Geere, MD. MS Nutrition, Medical Director, Genova Diagnostics
Dr. Geere has a master's degree in nutrition science from Columbia University's Institute of Human Nutrition at the NY Obesity Research Center, and medical degree from the University of Vermont. She is trained in Clinical Pathology and Clinical Informatics from the University of California, San Francisco. She combines scientific rigor with alternative holistic methods focusing on the core of healing through restoring the gut microbiome and rebalancing your hormones with personalized nutrition and exercise.
Fahim Abbasi, MD
Pre-diabetes Specialist Stanford Health Care, Clinical Assistant Professor Stanford Medical
Dr. Fahim Abbasi specializes in diagnosis and treatment of prediabetes and insulin resistance. Dr. Abbasi has a special interest in prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease through lifestyle modifications.
Akil Palanisamy, MD
Integrative Medicine Practioner, Author of “The Paleovedic Diet”
Harvard-trained physician who practices integrative medicine, incorporating the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Dr. Akil, a holistic doctor, completed his premedical training in biochemistry at Harvard University, received his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco and completed his residency in family medicine at Stanford University. He also completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, and is certified by the Center for Mind-Body Medicine at Georgetown University. Dr. Akil practices at The Institute for Health and Healing in San Francisco, one of the oldest centers for integrative medicine in the United States. He has worked with thousands of patients to help them heal and recover from chronic diseases using dietary changes and nutritional supplements. He blends his western medical training with holistic approaches including functional medicine and Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. Dr. Akil has been doing pioneering work in integrative medicine education and clinical practice for many years. He brings compassion, insight and in-depth knowledge and experience to his work, successfully treating a wide variety of serious health conditions including autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance, and stress-related illnesses. This holistic doctor is an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation.
Ahmed El-Sohemy
Professor, Dept. of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto. Founder and Chief Science Officer at Nutrigenomics.
Dr Ahmed El-Sohemy is Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Nutritional Sciences from Univ. of Toronto, Postdoctoral Fellow in Nutritional and Genetic Epidemiology from Harvard University. The goal of his research is to elucidate the genetic basis for variability in nutrient response on health and performance. Dr. El-Sohemy has published over 130 peer-reviewed articles and has given over 200 invited talks around the world. In 2013, Dr. El-Sohemy was named one of the top 10 inventors of the year by UofT and the following year he was awarded the Centrum Foundation New Scientist Award for Outstanding Research by the Canadian Nutrition Society. Last year he was awarded the Mark Bieber Professional Award by the American College of Nutrition. He is the founder of Nutrigenomix Inc. and Chair’s the company’s International Science Advisory Board.
Prajakta Ranade
Certified Diabetes Educator at Stanford Health Care
Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition (CSP) Registered Dietitian (RD) with Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Completed Certificate Training in Adult Weight Management Completed Level 2 Certificate Training in Adult Weight Management Registered Dietitian with 5+ years of experience in Clinical Nutrition, Wellness and Health Promotion. Having worked as registered dietitian at some of the premier hospitals across the country, I bring experience of working with diverse demographics with complex medical conditions. I currently work at a renowned hospital in the Bay Area where I extensively work with weight management, heart disease, diabetes and pre-diabetic population. As a dietitian and nutrition coach, I am result oriented and supportive to my clients. I see my role as the "Enabler" guiding my clients in their chosen health maintenance activities which include personalised goal setting, tailored health and nutrition advice, mindful eating, monitoring meals, providing feedback on their progress and navigating them through the common pitfalls. Specialty: Cardiovascular Health, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Weight Management, Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle Changes, Nutrition Education, Counselling, Patient Centered Care, Ethnic Cuisine, Indian / South Asian Diet.


Richard Blossom
Social Entrepreneur - Founder at Hilltribe Organics & Perfect Earth Foods. Previously President Asia-Pacific at Pepsi Beverages, Executive Director at Del Monte Foods.
Social Entrepreneur in Organic Food, focused on branded value added products produced from raw materials grown by small tribal farmers, leveraging long experience in global consumer goods and extensive network. His ultimate goal is make rural farm life rewarding enough to sustain families in vibrant communities and to prevent children from leaving for the city. He consults and advises companies on strategy, brand and product development, and global business development.
Ashish Mathur
Co-founder & Executive Director at South Asian Heart Center.
Mr Mathur co-founded the Center in 2006 as a non-profit response to the epidemic of heart disease in the South Asian community. Raise funds to create and implement the prevention methodology with advanced technology to better predict risk of CAD in an undeserved population. Developed partnerships with healthcare providers and wellness organizations. Created software to track and coach participants on risk factor reduction.
Ken Albala
Professor of History and Chair of the Master of Arts in Food Studies program, at Pacific's San Francisco.
Author of 24 books on food including Eating Right in the Renaissance and recently At the Table: Food and Family Around the World. Co-editor of the journal Food Culture and Society. Series editor of Rowman and Littlefield Studies in Food and Gastronomy.

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