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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which roti is the best of all?

Author: Ruchi Digwekar Read Time: 5 min.

If you've walked the aisle of a grocery store and felt overwhelmed with the  choice of flours, four blends, rotis, tortillas and flatbreads, you're not alone. Read Ruchi Digwekar's assessment of options and see what she chose for her family (Reproduced from www.desinutritionauthority.com)

Healthier, Tastier, Better for you?

I was walking through the atta (flour) aisle of my local Indian supermarket when an atta bag marked as Multi-Grain, Diabetic Atta, boasting a new slogan of “Sugar Release Control” grabbed my attention.

I lifted the heavy bag to check the label to see what was in this new product and if it really was healthier. To my dismay, I found in the ingredients list mostly genetically modified (GMO) wheat flour, along with processed Soy (defatted soy flour), oat flour, besan (gram flour)  and token amount of methi (a herb that actually does help with sugar management) 

This “Sugar Release Control” atta was 96% processed carbohydrates, which is never a good sign,  especially if you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or trying to  loose or manage weight. I put the Aashirvaad Sugar Control atta back on the shelf.

A common trend among big name food companies has been to turn their typically unhealthy foods into seemingly healthier alternatives to attract the increasingly better informed public with mis-information. Aashirvaad atta is manufactured by ITC,  a company that masterfully honed its marketing skills selling cigarettes .

Wheat atta and rotis are staple in most households and alone can contribute to 100- 300 gms of carbohydrates per day! Recommended level of total daily carb intake for South Asians is 100 gms. Dr Ron Sinha discusses in his blog Carb Trafficking the risk of high carb diets. 

So I wanted to dig in and find out what healthy  atta and roti options are there for the consumer?

First a bit of food geek talk.

Low Carb and Good Fats – The best combination
  • In fact, Low Carb + High Good Fat combination works better. A large study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health and Nutrition concluded that for every 25g of carbohydrate you substitute in your daily diet with 10g of good fats – unsaturated fats – like you find in almonds, avocados or fish,  you will reduce your risk of cardio-metabolic diseases by 30%.

Lets Dig In!

I selected two attas  and two rotis  to compare, analyze and taste the four options/brands.

  • Two leading Atta brands  –
    • Aashirvaad Multi Grain Atta  and 24X7 Mantra Organic Multi Grain.
  • Two Roti Brands –

I used the following criteria to evaluate how healthy these options are for your families.

  1. Total Amount of Carbohydrates per roti. Higher the carbs,  the less nutrient dense is your food.
  2. Total Amount of Good Fats per roti.  This is a key to any healthy food. I am heartened to see increased recognition of this fact. Indian Current magazine, recently mentioned “… Contrary to popular belief, it is not dietary fat that makes you fat, it is excessive consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods.”
  3. How Pure is the Food? i.e How much added chemicals, sugar, fiber or preservatives are in your roti?
  4. Are the ingredients Organic? especially, the main ingredients, i.e no pesticide and chemical fertilizers.
  5. The strain of wheat being used – Over the last 40 years wheat has been aggressively  genetically modified to give higher yields, resulting in increased chronic inflammation across the population. So rotis made from non-GMO wheat or ancient wheats are healthier.  Plus is it whole wheat or refined wheat, ancient strain or modern wheat ?
  6. Amount of inflammation causing additives  Soy additives, cellulose, Industrial Oils – like Canola, Palm, Sunflower
  7. Taste

My Take-away

I tasted the two roti brands and rotis made from the two Atta brands.

GET FIT Roti is the clear winner both for its taste, purity and health quotient. It is conveniently delivered directly to consumers across the country. Shipping is FREE. They are available at select health oriented grocers in the Bay Area.  It is more expensive. Not surprising considering they use higher quality organic ingredients; ancient wheats and nut flours are not cheap but your health is worth it !

My family has switched to Heart N Spice FIT Rotis!

Chandana Sinha
Chandana Sinha


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