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GET FIT Roti "User Manual"

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GET FIT Roti is a lowcarb, high antioxidant roti/ wrap but it's so much more than a roti. Experience and judge GET FIT Roti by listening to your body - how it makes you feel while eating it, a couple of hours after you have eaten and after 30-45 days of eating it continuously and measuring your health markers.


Before You Eat It…here's an "inside look"

The base flour blend of GET FIT Roti is a blend of almonds (blanched to neutralize anti-nutrients), flax, amaranth and organic non-GMO wheat. GET FIT roti is hand made. It contains ZERO preservatives. We do not add inflammation-causing soy or cellulose fiber to reduce the carb count (several leading low carb brands do). We use a secret dough proofing process that removes unhealthy mineral leaching phyto-acids from the wheat.

GET FIT Roti comes in three flavors - Classic, Spinach-Cumin, Turmeric-Black Pepper. We fondly refer to them as Three Health Sisters - each one has a different flavor, and health benefit. We recommend you consume all the three flavors across a week for a balanced protective nutrition profile. More on the significance of each ingredient, flavor and spice in a future blog post.

While You are Enjoying GET FIT Roti...

In designing GET FIT Roti, we worked hard to create a roti that is as tasty and can easily be adopted in place of a regular roti. You will find that the roti is soft, satisfying and smells great from the antioxidants in the flour and spices used. You may feel  a peppery itchy sensation at the back of the throat while eating the roti - from antioxidants oleocanthal the naturally occurring compound which tamps down inflammation and prevents Alzheimer's.

Yes, it may sometimes not be perfectly round - that's because we have drastically reduced the gluten content of the roti.

 In Your Stomach…

GET FIT Roti is nutrient dense with a good balance of protein, heart-healthy fats. This combination ensures low glycemic index and manages your insulin response, releases sugar slowly into the bloodstream and thereby ensures satiety - you feel full and satisfied for a longer time than if you were to eat a regular whole wheat roti. Some customers have reported that they are satisfied with just one GET FIT Roti in place of two regular wheat/ multi-grain rotis they consumed in the past!

You will feel more energized, less hungry because of the good fats. You will enjoy alertness and not experience a post-lunch slump because the sugar level stays steady in your bloodstream. In short, you are experiencing the nutrient dense nature of the roti. If you have access to a blood sugar monitor, you could try measuring your sugar level. Our customers have reported experiencing steady blood sugar levels. Try the same after you eat a regular roti and you will see how the sugar levels spikes and falls, causing hunger and energy slump.

Over time...30 to 45 days later

The effectiveness of healthy food choices are measured not only by how you feel when you eat them and immediately afterwards, but also over a long term. The impact of GET FIT Roti is best measured after adopting it for 30 - 45 days while following a reduced carbohydrate diet .  You should typically experience a) reduction in Triglyceride levels (fat in your blood) b) 6-8% reduction of your body weight, and c) reduced joint aches and pains because of the anti-inflammatory antioxidants.

Our customers tell us that they choose GET FIT Roti because:

  • Adopted a low carb lifestyle but missing roti.
  • Do not want to eat low carb tortillas available in the market because they are laden with preservatives, added fibers, oil, sugar that are bad for my body, taste like cardboard.
  • Looking to replace whole wheat or multigrain roti with something more nutritious.
  • Manage blood sugar issues related to metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, diabetes, PCOS, gestational diabetes.
  • Need to manage cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Reducing carb intake to fight my weight gain and my children's obesity.
  • Manage gut health

We'll tell their stories in their words - stay tuned to this blog.

Chandana Sinha
Chandana Sinha


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